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Can ADAU1761 be easily replaced by ADAU1701?

I've designed and tested a device using ADAU1761 but it seems to be out of stock. The ADAU1701 is available.

I'm using it as simple stereo DAC/ADC combo, no DSP features required, not using PLL and generating the basic configuration from SigmaDSP. I'm also programming it from uC (do not need the self-boot). Are there any other limitations/differences I should be aware of?

  • Hello atoktoto,

    The 1701 is an older part so it does not have as many features. You cannot directly route the ADC to the serial port and the serial port to the DAC. So you have to use the DSP core to do that. Also, the ADC does not have a built in HPF so I would recommend to place a DC Block in the DSP program unless the DC offset of the converter is not a concern to you. So using the 1701 will be a little more complicated to boot up since you must use the DSP.

    If you are not using the PLL then you must be feeding the part with a high master clock rate. With the 1701 you must use the PLL so the master clock would have to be looked at. 

    There are other parts to check that are the codec only version of the ADAU1761. These would drop in with no code changes. See if you can find any of these in stock.



    Then there is the ADAU1461 that is the automotive version of the 1761 but it is obsolete so you will probably not be able to find those. 

    Dave T