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ADAU1463/67 I2S Slave Connection instead of SDATAIO


quick question:

is it necessary to also connect the pins for LRCLK & BLCK in hardware to an input if the SDATA_Ports are used as slaves in another clock domain?

For example, im using an AD1937 codec as DAC/ADC, now instead of connecting the DSDATAx Pins to each SDATAIO pin on the DSP, i want to connect the Data-Pins to the original serial ports of the DSP (SDATA_in/outx) and configure the respective ports as slaves to the domain 0. 

--> that should work exactly the same as in the eval board when using the SDATAIOx on the DSP instead.

Now the question is, if it is also necessary to connect the LRCLK/BLCK of the slave-domain to the LRCLK/BLCK of the master-domain (or if by configuring the domain as slave, the LRCLK/BLCK of the master domain is used by SW and has not to be connected in HW externally).

--> Like this, i can use the MP5, MP8 and all SDATAIO as GPIO-Pins, while using the original serial SDATAs as signal-connection like shown. 

Thanks already!