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BF707 EZ-KIT SPI Flash read/write in DMA mode


Is it possible to do the Flash read/write in BF707 EZ-KIT using SPI DMA mode?

I had tried combining the SPI Flash readback code and SPI DMA mode sample code available in CCES. But couldn't access the Flash. 

Also the SPI DMA sample code seems to be incomplete. It would be really helpful if you could share a sample code for the flash read/write or for the proper configuration of DMA.

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  • DMA can be used to read data from the flash memory but writing data to the flash device using DMA is not possible because writing to flash requires sending a series of commands to flash device the timing of which may not be met when using DMA.

    This is only in the case of DMA + QUAD SPI Mode, correct? because, I was able to write to flash in DMA + STD SPI mode using the ADI SPI device driver. And in this case the time taken for a page write is twice as that with DMA disabled. 

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