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Programmer for the Blackfin DSPs


I didn't find a "programmer only" for the Blackfin processors, specifically the BF5xx series. By programmer I mean a device that takes in the code image from the PC and download it to the processor program memory. I found the ADZS-ICE-100B, which is an emulator. I am not sure if this is what I want, but I was thinking about a programmer only, no additional functionality.

EDIT: here is a $750 third party programmer. Any ideas of a low cost solution (<$100) ?



  • Hi Ali,

    It depends on what you require. If you are looking for production flash programming, we typically recommend programmers such as the Danville Signal one you link to above. There are other solutions from Ronetix and, however neither offers a solution <$100 that I am aware of.

    For development and small-scale programming for testing, the ICE-100B may be an option. However, we always advise that the connectors on our Emulators are designed with development and debugging in mind. They have not be designed to withstand production line stresses of being connected and disconnected with the level of frequency that would be expected in a production environment. This isn't supported, and use in such an environment would void the warranty.

    Furthermore, we don't provide any stand-alone software tool for programming flash, and your options would be to use a licensed version of the CCES tools, or use the Stand-Alone Flash Programmer of the VisualDSP++ tools (which require a complete installation of the VisualDSP++ tools).

    If you can provide a little more detail on your exact requirements, we may be able to suggest something else, but Analog Devices do not provide any stand-alone flash-programming solution.



  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the answer. So my best option is the ICE-100B.

    My requirement is "hobbying". I am just interested and would like to build some models, nothing more.



  • Hi !

    One of the cheapest solutions is the ICEBear JTAG programmer.

    ( this standalone programmer is very handy and works with nearly all BF-devices

    regards chris

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