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Crosscore embedded studio post build

I have made a small program that adds a string to the loader file, AddID.exe. It opens the loaderfile, add a hex line, and stores the modified data in a new file.

I would like to run this script as a post-build operation after compiling my program in CrossCore, but have encountered errors. Can anybody help my for the right syntax. 

At one point I got it to partial run, by writing something in the console in crosscore.. however the file I would have generated was not.

  • Hi,

    The elf2dyn.exe utility is invoked from the command-line or CCES IDE, as a post-build step specified in your project's Settings > Build Steps dialog box.

    The command-line syntax for the utility is:

    elf2dyn [-h|l|r|v] [-aname=num][-esym] [-S|R|W|E errnum] [-ooutfile] elfinfile

    For more information, kindly refer the following CCES help path:

    CrossCore® Embedded Studio x.x.x > Blackfin® Development Tools Documentation > Loader and Utilities Manual > Utilities > elf2dyn - ELF to Dynamically-Loadable Module Converter > Syntax

    And also, If you want to add some string or hex lines inside your loader file, you may have two ways to do so:

    1) Insert a version number in the boot kernel file and rebuild it before building a loader file. Since the kernel is in assembly code, you know exactly where the version number is in the kernel code. Because the loader always puts the kernel code in the front of a loader file in 256 words, it would be possible to find the number by just doing word count in the loader file.

    2) Make a special section to store a version number in your application, and you can retrieve the number later on in the loader file. However, you may need to parse the loader file to find the exact location of the number. If you put the number in the end of the loader file (the last 256 words which are overlapped with the kernel code), you may be able to find it in a simple way.

    Please refer in CCES help for more information:
    CrossCoreR Embedded Studio <version> > Integrated Development Environment > Navigating Within the IDE > Editors > About the Loader File Editor

    If you are still facing the issue, can you please share us the screenshot of the error message, it will help us to assist you further.


  • Thanks.. this was exactly what I was looking for Slight smile