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BF60x how to build overlay framebuffer using discrete graphical elements from bitmap files?


I am developing an ADSP-BF608 based design which will take 8-bit YCbCr BT.656 parallel digital video frames (with embedded syncs & codewords) via EPPI + conversion to RGB format, overlay (blend via Pixel Compositor) an RGB format frame comprising graphical icons representing menu items, battery level, etc, and output the resulting frame via EPPI + conversion to YCbCr in BT.656 format.

The graphical elements will be stored as individual 32x32 and 640x512 pixel bitmap format memory blocks, or, if necessary, as bitmap files in some kind of file system (? Micrium uC/FS).

I would prefer not to have to use an OS if at all possible.

Does anyone have advice or example firmware that would help me figure out how best to build the overlay frames?

This is something of a blocking issue, so any help would be appreciated.