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BTC timeout with ADSP-21369 SHARC


I have quite the same problem as described in this post:

But here, the problem is fixed, but not soluted i think...

So how can you fix this problem? Is there any possibility to modify the BTC-operation to usw other registers?

i want to add BTC to an existing .asm-project which should not be modified, so he only solution is to modiy the BTC...

at a second program i geated a C-Code from a Simulink model and now wan to send Data to the DSP rom a MATLAB-GUI... also here all signal Processing is done by SPORTs...

Or is there a proper way to fix this with interrupt-priorities?

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  • Hi Markus,

    The BTC ISR source file can be found in “Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.1.1\213xx\lib\src\libbtc_src\Btc_driver.asm”

    But this gets attached to your application as a library libcbtc36x.dlb . When the registers used in service routine “btb_isr” is used in interrupt service routine of high priorities interrupts (than emulator interrupt), software has to handle the context switching and theses register has to be saved in the software stack when used in other high prioritiy ISRs.



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