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ADAU1467 booting 3 x AD1937 codec's

Hi there,

I'm working on a design with a central ADAU1467 DSP connected to 3 x AD1937 codecs so I can have 4 x balanced audio (mic/line) inputs and 24 balanced audio outputs.  I'm at the stage of considering the control.  I like how on the EVAL board for the ADAU1467 can self-boot from settings saved to the EEPROM; I will be replicating this functionality in our design.  My question is what to do with the AD1937 codecs.  I know I can control them individually via SPI using SigmaStudio.  But that doesn't really leave me with a "set and forget" option once the design is deployed. 

The EVAL-ADAU1467 manual alludes to having the DSP boot the codec but states "This configuration is beyond the scope of this user guide".  Can I get some assistance as to how I need to configure my ADAU1467 and 3 x AD1937's so the DSP can boot all three codecs? 

Will this allow the DSP and codecs to be configured from within SigmaStudio and utilise just the one SPI link?

If not, how can I have the 3 x AD1937's always boot up with the correct configuration; i.e. perform self-boot, to be running in the mode I want?

Thanks for your assistance!

Kind regards,