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Custom 14-way header for ADUSB2EBZ-BOARD

Hi there,

I'm designing a circuit that has an ADAU1467 as the processor, then has 3 x AD1937 codecs and will have an on-board EEPROM.  I'd like to be able to configure all devices independently from within SigmaStudio.  For some reason the header and ribbon cable on the ADUSB2EBZ-BOARD leaves 4 of the SPI latches unterminated, therefore I won't be able to use this board to program mine.  The header and ribbon cable is listed as custom 2 x 5 way.  Can you recommend a 14-way ribbon cable that I can use to replace the 10-way one that comes with the USB board? 

Thank you!


  • Hello Mark,

    You can look at the way I had expanded the ribbon cable using a short jumper cable that has a female box connector that fits onto header pins. I cut the cable in half to give me two cables that I could solder onto the USBi board and then the connector can be plugged onto a header on an eval board.  This way the USBi still plugs into the standard 10-way header. However, if you are designing your own board I suppose you can design in a 14-way connector for the USBi. Then you can modify the USBi to have the 14-way connector. 

    Here is the BOM for the ribbon cable components. 

    Here is a link to the user guide for the 1452 Rev B board where I detail how I modified the USBi using the jumper cable:

    EVAL-ADAU1452RevBZ Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

    Originally, this was a decision made to only bring one SPI latch up and use a 10-way since 99% of the customer boards will only use one SPI latch. We did not want to make everyone put a 14-way header on their boards for cost and space reasons. 

    Dave T

  • Thanks, Dave.  Yep, I have one that I modified from your instructions for the EVAL-ADAU1452 board we have.  That worked fine.  Was just hoping to keep it need all on a single ribbon cable.  I'll check out the BOM you provided!

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