Bounary Scan with ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-21584

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Anyone having luck getting the ADSP-SC58x or ADSP-2158x series processors to work in boundary scan? JTAG Technologies "JTAG Live" device seems to read SC587 and 21584 chip ID's OK, but cannot read from boundary scan registers. 

Confirmed boundary scan interface and software works with older BF536 and 21489 based designs.

Confirmed power rails to SC587 are within tolerance (suggestion from ADI Support, and JTAG Technologies Support).

Infrastructure test with SC587 passes (JTAG interface reads device and it matches callout in BSDL).

Data analyzer shows JTAG port pins toggling in reasonable manner (recognizes opcodes and moves data). Just pushes 0's out on TDO where it should be transferring pin states.

Problematic board with SC587 works with Analog Devices emulators OK.

Analog Devices EE-68 document defining the JTAG interface is called out in SC587 data sheet, but it has obvious differences from the pinout of the SC587. ADI Support also pointed to this document, and didn't have any response to it being incorrect for the SC587.

  • I was able to see with a logic analyzer that only some of the boundary scan register was shifting out on TDO. Boundary Scan equipment vendor, "JTAG Technologies" was able to replicate this, too. They saw by the BSDL that data seemed to be blocked about where the PCIe interface pins were. They suspected the unused PCIe section (not enabled on the SC587, only SC589) needed to be powered up for boundary scan to work, even though ADI's data sheet said to tie VDD_PCIE_* to ground if unused. Relayed this suspicion to ADI, who confirmed an error in the data sheet.

    Need to spin another prototype rev to confirm this.

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