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Write data into NOR Flash sector

Hi all,

   I am working on BF609, When i try to write some data like 0x1254 in particular sectors using pc28f128P33_Write() into nor flash. It writes the data into that sector.

But when I read that sector it cannot give the exact data I passed into that sector, the write and read addresses are same. Before write when I read it gives some data value and after write it gives the value which is not matching, every time the same values shown even when I write into another sectors.

Please somebody help me to fix this issue.




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  • Hi Anand Selvaraj,

    1.We are using ezkit.

    2. Like you said  we tried blinking led program into flash and it worked fine.

    This is what we tried     "pCmdBuffer.SEraseSect.ulFlashStartAddr = FLASH_START_ADDR;
                                           Result = pc28f128P33_Control( CNTRL_ERASE_ALL, &pCmdBuffer );"

    When we run your code in our board flash code not matched "Detected manufacturer code of 0x90 and device code of 0x90Test Failed: Flash codes do not match what we expectedTest Failed: Flash codes do not match what we expected"

    How to solve this issue?