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Write data into NOR Flash sector

Hi all,

   I am working on BF609, When i try to write some data like 0x1254 in particular sectors using pc28f128P33_Write() into nor flash. It writes the data into that sector.

But when I read that sector it cannot give the exact data I passed into that sector, the write and read addresses are same. Before write when I read it gives some data value and after write it gives the value which is not matching, every time the same values shown even when I write into another sectors.

Please somebody help me to fix this issue.




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  • Hi,

    We are able to write and read in flash successfully. Please refer the attached project which writes data 0x123 in 60th sector address(0xB0720000) and read the value from the same address.

    During a block erase, the WSM executes a sequence of internally-timed events that conditions, erases, and verifies all bits within the block. Erasing the flash memory array changes “zeros” to “ones”. Memory array bits that are ones can be changed to zeros only by programming the block.

    For more details regarding flash, we recommend to refer datasheet of pc28f128P33.

    Anand Selvaraj.