1452 output problem

Hi. I have one of the 1452 eval boards with the 1938 codec. I have started a new default project in sigmadsp and followed the instructions to route spdif to the ASRC0. The issue I have is all eight outputs are being formatted the same as 0 and 1. If 0 and 1 are active the remaining 5 are all active and the same. 
Im not trying to do anything complicated presently just get it up and running.. but seem to be missing something. I dont think there is a fault with the board because all eight outputs produce a different sound when the default program from the shop is running. (The default program is dreadful!)
Ive constructed a very basic test thing so I can easily hear the differences. Ive looked through the routing and hardware configuration and from what I can see it is all seems to be ok so think I am making basic mistake. The pdf says the second output is out 16 and 17 but this also has no effect.
Please let me know what you think.