ADAU1701MINIZ using I2S/TDM input with ADAU1701 as clock master

I want to connect an EVAL-ADAU7002Z board to my EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ board.  The ADAU7002 requires BCLK and LRCK to be inputs, so I need the ADAU1701 to drive these signals.  It appears that the J7 header on the MINIZ board is hard wired to MP4 and MP5 pins, and these can only be configured as inputs in the Register Controls GUI.   I see that MP10 and MP11 can be configured as "In Lrclk_out" and "In_Bclk_out" respectively in the Register Controls.  These are wired to LEDs on the board, but I can remove the current limit R's and wire these pins up to the MP4 and MP5 pins at J7.  Will this do the trick to drive BCLK and LRCK to the ADAU7002 while also providing these clocks as inputs to the serial input port?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 6, 2021 6:49 PM

    Hello Robsil,

    Yes, you pretty much have this figured out correctly. You have to externally connect MP10 and MP11 over to MP4 and MP5 to bring the serial output port clocks over to the serial input port. Then if course you need to connect it to the ADAU7002. 

    The resistors for the LEDs are optional. I have left them in and it does not seem to cause issues but if you find it is too much of a load then you remove the resistors. It is kind of handy to see them at partial brightness so you know the clocks are there.

    This is a great part but the serial port clocks do not make much sense. You cannot use the serial input or output ports separately with different clocks. So why are there four pins? The connection should have been done inside the part and only take up two MP pins not four. I was not here when this was designed but it was an oversight. 

    Dave T

  • Thanks for the reply Dave!  I just got back to my bench on this project so I'll give it a try.

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