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i have some understanding problems with the VLEVEL Register of the ADE9000.

In the Datasheet on side 27 the equation is VLEVEL = x × 1,444,084.

But in the technical reference on side 15 stand:
"Then, with a nominal 240 V, the input signal is at half of full scale and X is equal to 2.
Write 574,042 (decimal) to the VLEVEL register to configure this feature:
VLEVEL = 2 × 1,114,084 = 2,288,168"

What is right 1,444,084 or 1,114,084 ?
And why 574,042? I think it should be 2,288,168?

The Arduino Library has VLEVEL 2,288,168 as default.

X is nominal input signal. 
I want to develop a measure board for a variable AC-Supply.
Must i change x (and thus also VLEVEL) when i change the AC-Supply (e.g. from 230V to 60V)?