Loading flash on custom board.

Trying to load flash on a custom board.

Where is the current documentation and device programming examples for the 21489 and CCES.

The EE-355 document has not been updated in nine years.

Expert In-Circuit FLASH Programmer for SHARC® Processors
Contributed by Mitesh Moonat and Harshit Gaharwar Rev 1 – August 6, 2012

Just re-installed the BSP for the 21489 EZ-KIT and the device programming example is based on VisualDSP++


I hope this is not the latest documentation and that I have overlooked something.  

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 21, 2021 12:44 PM


     Please note that the Device programmer example given in the ADSP-21489 Board support package is belongs to CCES only.
    <installation path>\Analog Devices\ADSP-21489_EZKIT-Rel1.0.0\21489_EZ-Board\Examples\Device_Programmer

    VisualDSP++ Flash programmer examples will be available in the VisualDSP++ installation path itself.
    <installation path>\Analog Devices\VisualDSP++ 5.1.2\214xx\Examples\ADSP-21489 EZ-Board\Flash Programmer

    If you are working with a different flash part, then you have to modify the flash driver according to your flash part.

    We would recommend to use one of our current drivers as a base for creating a driver which will be compatible with your flash part.

    Also, we only provide flash drivers for our EZ-Kit boards.

    We provide documentation for the Device Programmer API, which describes the commands the Flash Programmer Drivers require to perform the Flash accesses.

    This documentation is available at help > CrossCore® Embedded Studio <version>> Integrated Development Environment > Working with Bootable and Non-bootable Files > Device Programmer > Custom Device Drivers

    We recommend to refer the above mentioned document and confirm whether your flash driver suits your custom board.We are aware of many customers who have successfully modified our flash drivers to suit different flash parts.

    Our recommended approach is to take an existing driver for (ideally) a similar target, and modify it for your flash. Whatever driver you choose to start with, you will need to modify the driver, as there will be significant differences between the flash part used on the KIT, and the flash part you are using (e.g. as number and size of sectors, reset commands, Manufacturer and Device codes, etc).

    When modifying a driver we would recommend referring to both your flash part data sheet and the data sheet for the original device when doing so, so that you can verify elements such as number and size of sectors, reset commands, Manufacturer and Device codes, then see how these differ in the data sheet for your flash device. The examples/drivers are well documented/commented so you should be able to determine where changes are required to suit your target.

    You can refer the "5. Using Loader Files" chapter in Read me file of the Power On Self Test example in the BSP from the below path about create a loader file and program the LDR image to flash:
    <installation path>\Analog Devices\ADSP-21489_EZKIT-Rel1.0.0\21489_EZ-Board\Examples\Power_On_Self_Test\Readme_Power_On_Self_Test.html

    Also please refer the below FAQ's:
    FAQ: How do I program flash on my target board using CrossCore Embedded Studio?