AFP_Sector seems doesn't work correctly in "Save based on map", VisualDSP++ 5.0 Flash Programmer


I created a driver program with leveraging the sample code from ADI Examples. I notice that even though the Save based on map is checked and the specific sector number been selected from the Flash sector map (e.g, sector number 4 is selected).

I put the out the AFP_Sector value through "printf", so that I can instantly monitor from Console. When I press the "Save" button, I observed that the AFP_Sector remain as '-1' even though it has been selected, and the read process actually read the data start from sector 0 and not the sector selected in Flash sector map.

Does anyone has any idea?

My intend is to read the data from the sectors selected in Flash sector map (those sector been checked) and save it. However, when I press Save button the AFP_Sector still remain as -1, therefore, the ReadData always start at sector 0.

Appreciate if anyone can advise on this issue.

FYI, I've try the Erase based on map. If Erase based on map checked and the sector selected in Flash sector map, the AFP_Sector will reflect with the actual sector number been selected in Flash sector map when the Program button press.

I would expect the sector selection behavior in Program and Save will be the same. But some how the Save based on map seems doesn't work correctly.

Hope someone can help. Appreciate.