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I am after a DSP processing kit/board with multiple I/O ports, which can support or has a low sampling rate and 100SPS ADCs (I have 5 analog sensor inputs). The signal processing algorithms would be performed on the digitized signals which will be stored. The board should allow interface/data transfer to PC through Ethernet (using extenders). It should also allow controlling different sensors power (on/off).

Please suggest any.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 29, 2021 11:27 AM


    We have Blackfin family of processor which is fixed point and SHARC which is floating point DSPs, we can provide you a high level information about that and you can choose the suitable one.

    The ADSP-BF60X and ADSP-BF70X are the latest processors in Blackfin family. The ADSP-BF60x processors are the Dual-Core processor up to 1GHz with Hardware Support for HD Video Analytics. The ADSP-BF70x processors are the latest Low Power 400MHz Blackfin+ embedded processor with 1MByte L2 SRAM & DDR2/LPDDR Interface.

    You can get more information about Blackfin processors in the below link:

    Analog Devices' SHARC® processor family dominates the floating-point DSP market with exceptional core and memory performance and outstanding I/O throughput. With multiple products variants and price points, SHARC brings real-time floating-point processing performance to many applications where dynamic range is key. Latest products provide leading performance/power efficiency and advanced connectivity with an integrated ARM® core.

    The advanced SHARC Family features, Dedicated hardware accelerators (FIR,FFT,IIR etc), Variable Instruction Set Architecture (VISA) support, additional processing element for Single Instruction, Multiple data (SIMD) support making them particularly suitable for high performance audio applications.

    We would suggest you to refer the selection tables of SHARC processors, which can be found in the following link.

    The ADSP-SC5xx processors are Multicore SHARC+ARM® SOC Delivers 24GFLOPS Performance at Under 2W for Advanced Real-Time Audio and Industrial Applications. You would find more information about these processors in the below link.

    The latest ADSP-2156x processors provides enhanced SHARC+ high performance floating-point core up to 1 GHz. The ADSP-2156x series of processors are designed to provide immersive audio and sound experience in automotive and consumer/pro-audio applications.You can find more information about these processors from the below link.

    We have Processors Software and Tools page that provides a convenient look-up table to indicate to users what evaluation platforms, extender cards, emulators, software development tools, and middleware are available for the specific processors you have chosen to evaluate for your designs.
    SHARC        - www.analog.com/.../sharc-processors-software-and-tools.html
    BLACKFIN   - www.analog.com/.../blackfin-processors-software-and-tools.html

    For more details on pricing and availability questions, please contact your nearest ADI sales and distributors. Please find the link given below.

    We have evaluation kits available for different processors which will provide a platform for customer to evaluate our DSPs. When you navigate through our product specific page you would find its evaluation platform with associate.

    If you can provide more information on other requirements from the external interfaces, the speed grade, memory requirements, package, which you are looking for, then we can help you narrow down to select the right derivative in processor family.

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • Anand, 

    Thank you for replying. Could you please advise of suitable development kit with SHARC processor then, meeting the other I/O , Ethernet, ADC (if) requirements. 

    Kind regards

  • Further to my reply before, the board/kit should either have or capable to integrate with ADC boards with the following specifications.

    1. 24 bits

    2. 100kSPS or greater

    3. Vin ranging from 5V to 10V;

    4, 4 to 8 channels

    Kind regards,

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 5, 2021 2:14 PM in reply to Engr_N


    We suggest you to refer the below Ezkits for your requirement,




    Please note that the ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-SC57x has Housekeeping Analog-to-Digital Converter (HADC) with below specification,

    1. 12-bit ADC core with built in sample and hold.
    2. Eight single-ended input channels for the BGA package;
    3. Throughput rates up to 1 MSPS.
    4. Single external reference with analog inputs between 0 V and 3.3 V.

    Anand Selvaraj.