how to handle/configure DoubleFaults etc.

we use CCES and BF607 and therefore i want to know how to setup and configure interrupts to catch

errors like

Core 0 Double Fault 6 
Core 1 Double Fault 7 
Core 0 Hardware Error 8 
Core 1 Hardware Error 9 
Core 0 Unhandled NMI or
L1 Memory Parity Error

i've installed other exceptions (see below)

but have no idea how to handle the given faults ?

(adi_int_InstallHandler(ADI_EXC_DATA_CPLB_MISS, ExceptionHandler, NULL, true) 

adi_int_InstallHandler(ADI_EXC_DATA_CPLB_MULTI_HIT, ExceptionHandler, NULL, true) 

(adi_int_InstallHandler(ADI_EXC_UNRECOVERABLE, ExceptionHandler, NULL, true) 

if (adi_int_InstallHandler(ADI_EXC_WATCHPOINT, WatchPointHandler, NULL, true) != ADI_INT_SUCCESS)

kind regards christoph

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 2, 2021 10:40 AM 8 days ago

    Hi Christoph,

    The default C runtime startup files provided with CCES for Blackfin parts, or those generated by the Startup/LDF addin, will configure CPLB support and register handlers for CPLB events before main() is reached. Please search for "C Run-Time Environment Operations on Blackfin Processors" and also "Caching and Memory Protection" in the CCES help for useful documentation. Include the quotes shown when doing these searches to get the best results.

    By default unhandled NMI exceptions and enabled interrupts without handlers registered are supported using CCES Fatal Error Handling if raised. When connected to CCES debug sessions you will get messages in the console indicating the cause location of the error or exception stating that it was unhandled. See also "Exceptions (Blackfin Processors)" and "Fatal Error Handling" in the CCES help for useful information. As mentioned above, also include the quotes in the search for these.

    Similarly the documentation for ECC and Parity is included in CCES help topic "Memory Error Detection".

    Hopefully these CCES help references are useful - these are complex topics usually handled best by such references rather than trying to restate the support in a forum reply. If anything needs further clarification please say though. 


  • hi ! thanks.

    but i dont know the IID of e.g Core 0 Double Fault  to install the handler with given routines

    like adi_int_InstallHandler(ADI_EXC_DATA_CPLB_MULTI_HIT, ExceptionHandler, NULL, true) 

    kind regards christoph