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Choice of JTAG Emulator for ADSP-21479 with CrossCore Embedded on Win10

What is the choices of JTAG emulator for ADSP-21479, with CrossCore Embedded on Win10? 

The following suggests ICE-1000/ICE-2000.

The following does NOT have ADSP-21479 listed as applicable parts. 
And it says "Windows® 8.1, Window 7 compatible", but no description on Windows 10.

The following has reference to 3 Emulator Manuals, (ICE-1000/ICE-2000 /  HPUSB, USB, and HPPCI Emulator / ICE-100B), but these do not include Win10 as possible platform.

Which one is verified for ADSP-21479 with CrossCore Embedded installed on Win10 Pro? 

Clarification is highly appreciated.