ADSP-SC58XX SPDIF Configuration

I am having troubles configuring the SPDIF interface on the ADSP-SC58XX.

I have used the SPDIF example code provided for the EZ-LITE kit as a starting point.

Here is the configuration which I am using and the configuration registers:

Can anyone take a look at this configuration and see anything that I may be doing incorrectly, or not doing.

I have connected the TX output to the RX input externally and do see data being received. The data looks kind of correct, however there appears to be some issues. I used an incrementing counter (+1000) on the TX side and the RX side does have a corresponding count, however it is not a consistent count. Additionally, it appears as if the data is shifted to the right by 1-bit. The following images show the data that the debugger is displaying.

TX DataRX Data

Thank You

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