SRAM (IS61LV5128AL) interface with ADSP21369

Hii All,

I am Sruthi. I am working on ADSP21369 and trying to interface ADSP with external memory. I am a fresher on this field. I tried to interface SRAM( Part no- IS61LV5128AL)  with ADSP21369 and I was able to do that. But in the actual application data should go to SRAM automatically when the internal memory is full. How this will happen? Can I use pointers directly. I used the configuration to interface SRAM with ADSP is given below,

*pEPCTL &= ~(B0SD)
*pAMICTL0 = ( WS4 | HC1 | RHC1 | IC7 | AMIEN | AMIFLSH)

Pls give solution for this.