DSP development on Linux for the ADAU1701 Evaluation board

First post and total DSP newbie at that.

I'm trying to make the move from Analog Guitar Effects pedals to DSP Digital effects. I'm an embedded C Developer so that's a start but everything I develop is on a Linux Computer at present. I don't currently have a Windows based PC.

I've found the ADAU1701 Evaluation board and it looks like a good entry to the DSP and should have the features to enable me to do something useful.

So the next obvious question to me, and one I've filed to find an answer to, is can I actually develop for that target on a Linux based computer. Additionally I guess another question is what's the 'Hello World' of DSP development. I'll obviously have to find some books or other resources to get started but if I first have to find a Windows based Computer to develop I might have to reconsider the ADAU1701.

Thanks for any advice.