ADSP-215XX initialization code

Any how to build the 215xx_init_Core1 ?

I've added 

#define CONFIG_DMC0 Micron_2Gb_DDR2_MT47H128M16
#define CONFIG_CORE_CLOCK_SPEED 450000000u
//#error CONFIG_ macro definitions required

to src/configure.h

Then it can not find <sys\adi_stack.h>. If I force to use the ARM\arm-none-eabi\arm-none-eabi\include\adi\sys\adi_stack.h (which I can guess is not the right one)


[Error li1021]  The following symbols referenced in processor 'SC5XX_CORE1' could not be resolved:
        '__lib_prog_term [___lib_prog_term]' referenced from 'libc.dlb[xexit.doj]'
Linker finished with 1 error
cc3089: fatal error: Link failed (code:1)
make: *** [215xx_init_Core1.dxe] Error 1
Is there any clean instructions how to build inti code for 21573?
Thanks in advance