Replacement of flash & SDRAM of BF 609 kit design


I am working on a BF609 based hardware.I have kept BF 609 evaluation kit as reference.

BF609 kit has flash memory PC28F128P33B which is obsolete now.As  replacement i have choosed MT28EW128AB1A

Both are 128 Mb but difference is that

 PC28F128P33B has 

        Write Cycle Time & Access Time = 85ns

MT28EW128AB1A has

             Write Cycle Time=60ns

               & Access Time = 95ns

with the above mentioned configuration can MT28EW128AB1A be used with these times are configured??


SDRAM being used in BF609  MT47H64M16HR is also obsolete .Part number available is MT47H64M16NF

MT47H64M16HR speed is 333 MHZ while MT47H64M16NF is 400MHZ.

will the part number MT47H64M16NF compatible with BF609..??

And ,PLs let me know the price of evaluation kit for BF504/506..??

and at last ,Y the kits are still using obsolete parts??