Enable and configure SPI on ADSP-SC573 reference board


We have ADSP-SC573 reference board and we are trying to enable SPI communication on this board, and finding it difficult to follow the documentation.

Since, we are very new and beginners to these low level stuff and it is hard to follow the documentation.

From the documentation, it says there are 3 SPI interfaces (SPI0,SPI1,SPI2) and it is not clear which one could be used for external peripheral SPI communication and how to enable them.

We figured out that SPI2 (P3) is could be used as external SPI communication but SPI2 is also used for flashing from flash memory - this is bit confusing for us.

May be we missing very basic configuration knowledge.

So, any help or steps to enable this and some examples to see how it is working.

support/help is much appreciated!

Thank you


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 1, 2019 10:13 AM


    All the 3 SPI's can be use for external peripheral SPI communication. Also, Quad and memory-mapped modes are supported by SPI2 only.

    The SPI_CTL register enables the SPI and configures settings for operating modes, communication protocols, and buffer operations. Please refer the Control Register (PageNo:687 / 3222) in the HRM of the ADSP-SC57x.

    For more details about SPI, please refer the Serial Peripheral Interface (PageNo:651 / 3222) in the in the HRM of the ADSP-SC57x. You can find the HRM from below link,

    Anand Selvaraj.