defBF609.h has pREG_TIMER0_RUN_CLR address as 0xFFC0140C
and trying to write to it does not yield and results - it doesn't clear TIMER0_RUN 

Provided TIMER example has adi_tmr_Close function that makes use of pREG_TIMERn_RUN_CLR (0xFFC0141C)

Note defBF609.h defines it as TIMER0 and adi_tmr_Close makes use of TIMERn definition.
And calling adi_tmr_Close actually works so am I stupid or is there a mistake in defBF609.h

Also I was looking through all documentations for BF609 and couldn't find register address list or at least offset table or what not.. could you point me to it?

fixed mistakes
[edited by: Edvard at 11:39 AM (GMT 0) on 1 Oct 2019]