DSP for Voice recognition project.


I am working on a project of voice recognition and have a defined scope of vocab that I need to recognize

I want to do voice sample extraction, processing and identification all in real time and at the hardware unit only, before sending the processed data to back-end cloud.

I am new to DSP world. I am studying it. So, please suggest me a DSP or DSC (DIGITAL SIGNAL CONTROLLER)  which fits best for the above stated application so that I can focus in correct direction.

Thank You in advance.

Looking forward to the replies.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your interest in Analog Devices Processors.

    Analog devices’ SHARC processors are floating point processors that is good for Audio applications(whereas Blackfin is a fixed point processor). We suggest you to have a look at our SHARC processors which offers a mix of high performance processing with the large on chip memory and peripheral set in a low cost floating point product. The new series provides designers with end-to-end SHARC family code compatibility and a robust suite of ADI development tools to realize new levels of development efficiency and design innovation via the industry’s highest-performing 32-bit floating point DSP platform.

    The advanced SHARC Family features, Dedicated hardware accelerators (FIR,FFT,IIR etc), Variable Instruction Set Architecture (VISA) support, additional processing element for Single Instruction, Multiple data (SIMD) support making them particularly suitable for high performance audio applications.

    We would suggest you to refer the selection tables of SHARC processors, which can be found in the following link.

    We would suggest you to use the parametric search link below to select the appropriate processor.

    The latest ADSP-SC5xx processors are Multicore SHARC+ARM® SOC Delivers 24GFLOPS Performance at Under 2W for Advanced Real-Time Audio and Industrial Applications. You would find more information about these processors in the below link.

    We have Processors Software and Tools page that provides a convenient look-up table to indicate to users what evaluation platforms, extender cards, emulators, software development tools, and middleware are available for the specific processors you have chosen to evaluate for your designs.
    SHARC - www.analog.com/.../sharc-processors-software-and-tools.html

    For more details on pricing and availability questions, please contact your nearest ADI sales and distributors. Please find the link given below.

    We have evaluation kits available for different processors which will provide a platform for customer to evaluate our DSPs. When you navigate through our product specific page you would find its evaluation platform with associate.

    If you can provide more information on other requirements from the external interfaces, the speed grade, memory requirements, package, which you are looking for, then we can help you narrow down to select the right derivative in processor family.

    Hope this helps.

    Anand Selvaraj.