sharc 21489: get the io input data

i use IO (DAI_PB15) as input,
I have set its IO register


Then I used the IO register DAI_PB15_O to read the data.
An error has occurred.
[ error: identifier "DAI_PB15_O" is undefined]

I want to know where the problem is?
1 Can't I use IO alone?
2 IO must be linked to other parts to use?

What is the correct way to use it?


  • Hi Wanjin,

    Apologies for the delay in response.

    Please provide more information on below points to assist you better on this.
    1) Can you please let us know how you are routing the "DAI_PB15_O" via SRU.
    2) Is it possible for you to share a simple project to replicate the issue?
    3) Are you using CCES or VDSP?

    We would suggest you to refer the "Digital Application/Digital Peripheral Interfaces"(Page No: 507 / 1304) chapter in the ADSP-214xx HRM manual.