In-circuit programming of ADSP-BF706


I have EV-DEMORAD24G (FMCW radar evaluation bord) which use ADSP-BF706.

For developing software, I want to know how to program the firmware into SPI flash memory.

The  SPI flash memory is connected to SPI2 port of ADSP-BF706.

ADSP-BF706 boot mode is SPI2 Master.

In the circuit, USB0 port of ADSP-BF706 is connected to USB connecter.

And jtg (JTAG) port of ADSP-BF706 is directly connected to 10-pin pin header.There is no IC between jtg port and pin header. 

What is recommended way to program SPI flash ROM ?

The usable port of Windows PC is only USB.

If special tool is nedded, please tell me that part number (for example, JTAG download cable).