Trigger routing



I am working on ADSP SC 587 custom board. I want to create timer interrupts from ARM core to both SHARC core.
The interrupt in SHARC core is not generated since interrupt is not handled in the core.

I have run the same project in EVM of ADSP SC589 ez kit. The project is working as expected and interrupts are generated.
Register value of TIMER0_TMR_CFG is 0x80BC. the register is configured in Init_GPTimer0() function in variable timer_cfg.

But in custom board while debugging I found that the register value of TIMER0_TMR_CFG is 0x088C. which is not changing after
configuring in Init_GPTimer0() function in variable timer_cfg. Even if I try to write any value at the location(at 0x31001060
which is location of TIMER0_TMR_CFG) I am unable to write.

Kindly resolve the issue.