How to set up custom Filter Coefficients for IIR-Accelerator of the ADSP-SC584

I using the ADZS-SC584-EZLITE with Cross Core Embedded Studio. With the EZ-Board there were some Example-Projects and one of them is IIR_Filter_Response to test the Filter Accelerator.

In this Project there is a mixed Signal (1 kHz and 8 kHz) and this Signal gets fitered with a Low-pass-Filter with a cutoff frequency of 4 kHz. The resulting Output-Signal is only the 1 kHz Signal.

To test own Filter-Coefficients I calculated a IIR-Butterworth-Filter with the same cut of Frequency and the following Parameters:

I´m not sure how to set up the Project to implement the calculated values. Will the #define BIQUAD reamin at 6 or do I have to change it.

Do I have just to multiply the scale-value of each section with each coefficient of a section (scale-value 1 with each of section 1, and so on).

And after that just write them down like the Filter-coefficents of the original Project like:

coefficient 1,

coefficient 2,


coefficient n-1,

coefficient n


I have tried this already but the Output doesn´t looked like I expected. I used the same setup like in the original Project. I only changed the File with the Filter Coefficients (coeff6.dat).

Is there maybe a way to automatically generate a File in this Format with the Filter-Coefficients in MATLAB?

What did I wrong and how to do it right