Problem with external sync for PCG

Hello all,

I have problems with syncing the PCG to an externa FS. In our System we have the 21469 connected over a SPORT via TDM to an FPGA. The FPGA is creating the bitclock and the framesync for the TDM connection and the mclock for the PCG. The DSP is also connected to an codec (AD1939)  via I2S. The clock and FS for the connection to the codec is generated by the PCGA.

We need the codec and the TDM to run synchronusly.

The mclk is SRU routed to the PCG_EXTA_I and the framesync to PCG_SYNC_CLKA_I.

In the PCG_SYNC1 the FSA_SYNC bit is set. (Also tried to set CLKA_SYNC and FSA_SYNC together)

But the PCG does not generate clock and fs. If I remove the FSA_SYNC Bit the PCG runs fine but is of course not in sync with the the TDM.

Do you have an idea what part of configuration I could have wrong that the PCGA is not running when in external sync mode?

Best regards,