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All Components for Sensorapplication


I was looking for DSP´s + Evaluationboard for Sensorapplication. I want to create sin-/cosinwaves with a look-up-table. I want to do phase-adjusting by Quadrature-Amplitude-Modulation and Amplitude control with a similar principle. I need to use about 8 multiplications and  4 summations. I want to use 6 IIR-Filter 4th order. The Signalfrequency is 10 kHz and I need 24 Bit converters (4xADC,4xDAC).

I found some DSP´s  + Evaluationboards:

EVAL-21479-EZLITE (Evaluationboard)

The Evaluationboard got a AD1939 Codec on Board with the converters.
What else do I need beside the Software (Cross Core Embedded Studio) and the Emulator (ICE-1000)

There are more DSP´s + Evaluationboard like the ADSP-SC58x-Series with a good offer (Evaluationboard + ICE-1000 (Emulator) + Cross Core Embedded Studio (2x 180 Days))

the same Evaluationboard works with ADSP-21584 and ADSP-21583.
There are more Tools (Middlewaretools) you can see in the link below
Are these Middlewaretools necessary for my application??
Thank you for your time