Method for full-duplex a large number of saves

Hello all,

I have an application where I need to have full-duplex over 100+ slaves. I will only be having 1 master in this application. Right now, I am looking at implementing CAN, SPI, or I2C.

I am leaning more towards I2C because I can use an 8 bit address to address 255 different devices on a single bus. If I have multiple I2C buses, then I think that I can work with a 7-bit addressing scheme. (I will not be needing more then 255 addresses). Additionally, I would be using a I2C line buffer since I have so many different devices on the bus line. The devices will be placed fairly close to each other. No more then 1 meter from the master.

However, I wanted to turn to the community today to see if anyone might have additional suggestions in implementing something such as this?

Thank you