Programming flash on custom ADSP-21489 board


I've been looking through questions similar to mine and I think most of them are a little outdated and I am new to this so the answers don't always make sense to me.

I am helping to create a custom board with the ADSP-21489 to replace an older version that had a ADSP-212xx series chip. I am trying to gather information on how we will program the external flash for the DSP to boot from. I have a few questions:

1) First of all, I see the flash chips on the EZ-LITE board are obsolete (SPI: M25P16 and parallel: M29W320EB). Is there a list somewhere of alternatives to these? Or for example, if I went with SPI flash, would Macronix's MX25V1635FM2I work? Or for parallel, Cypress' S29JL032J70TFI420?

2) Once I have the flash selected and a custom board, I would use the CCES command line programming utility with an ICE 1000 or 2000 to program the flash chip with a loader file (which is done by utilizing the JTAG interface on the DSP?), correct?

3) Can I use functions (possibly needing slight modification) in EE-355 (expert in-circuit flash programmer) to be able to write and read values to the same flash chip the loader file is on? For instance, if I want store a value to be used later even if the board is powered off and then back on.

4) Edit: last question, are the ICE 1000 and 2000 compatible with Windows 10? I saw up to windows 7 was listed, but I was guessing since CCES works with windows 10, then these will work as well, just wanted confirmation.



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