Programming an ADAU1701

I'm trying to get started programming an ADAU1701 chip for a small personal project (one off, non-profit, etc). Reading through the getting started / tutorial documentation that Analog Devices has didn't seem all that helpful. It's all related to the different eval boards they offer, which is great, but has me confused on how to program non-eval boards. Specifically, something like this, which is essentially just a breakout board.

I'm new to SigmaStudio, but I feel I have the audio knowledge needed for all the filtering/setup required on the actual design file, but I'm baffled how to actually compile/configure the DSP chip itself. In SigmaStudio, I tried dragging out a "USB Interface" component and hooking it up to my ADAU1701 processor, configuring for I2C. I have a USB->Serial/I2C/SPI adapter that I was trying to use, but SigmaStudio always displays the USB interface as red. My guess is that the adapter I have won't work because in a normal program with it, you have to initially write a configuration to tell it which mode to use for the rest of its runtime. I've come across some other USB->I2C only adapters that come into windows as a COM device, or even as a "SPI/I2C Adapter" in Device Manager. But I'm not sure that any of those would work, because it seems like the eval programming firmware is proprietary.

I'm pretty sure what I'm missing is just some simple/basic knowledge, hopefully I'm not completely off base. I couldn't seem to find the answer I'm looking for on the documentation pages, or in other posts on this forum. So, if anyone could point me in the right direction for what to read up on next or fill me in on the process I'm missing, I'd greatly appreciate any pointers.