sc589 with a single ddr3


The schematics of the SC589-EZ-KIT include 2 DDR3 units. Can I design my own card with only a single DDR3?

What should be changed in the configuration?

Regards, T.

  • Hello,

    Yes, the SC589-EZ-KIT include 2 DDR3 units and you can design the card with only single DDR3.

    Note that there are two DDR memory controllers avaialble in the SC589 (DMC0 and DMC1) and hence it has got separate DDR related signals for both. In the Ez-Kit, two DDR3 are connected to DMC0 and DMC1 respectively, you can simply copy the schematics of DMC0 if you wish to use only one DDR3 in your design.

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