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Microphone input doesn't work on evalboard ADAU1467 (how activate microphone bias)


I am actually working on an evalboard ADAU1467z (revision B) and I'm simply trying to connect a headphone on it.

To test the algorithm,I just would like to fed to my ADAU the microphone signal of my headset (on input channel 32) and I just want to read it back on my headphone speaker that I have connected to the output (channel 0 for example). Please find below a screenshot of this algorithm and attached the project file.

But the thing is that I don't have any signal back. And I think that this comes from a microphone bias problem. As it is an electret condeser microphone, the input has to have a "supply polarization" but I don't succeeded to fix that point on the hardware configuration tab of the ADAU1467 (I think).

Can anyone can help me ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your time and consideration you will bring to my question.



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