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ADAV801 Codec


     Any one can help me, how to read OSF(Original Sampling Frequency) from the ADAV801 Consumer Audio Standard. As per the IEC 60958 standard we can read the OSF from the Register address 0x24 (bits 36 - 39). but in the ADAV801 Codec Chip those Bits are Reserved. Then How can I read the OSF.

Please Help Me.


  • Actually I can read the Input sampling Frquency from the Address 0x23. But I can able to read only 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48 KHz.for All other Combination I got the Following results

    Address 0x23

         32, 64,128               -  0x03

         44.1, 88.2, 176.4      -  0x00

         48,96,192                -  0x02

    How can I differntiate the incoming sampling frequency is 32 or 64 or 128,  like other cases also.

  • This issue is due to Prodif and HDSP sound cards.

    These card not pump consumer Audio Standard Header Properly for 96 KHz and for some other combination of frequencies.

    Thats why i not able to get correct frequency (Original Sampling Frequency).

    While giving DIR Input which is taken from DVD Player, It is giving proper value. in that register.

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