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ADAV801 in Audio Extender

Hi,         We are using BF-533 Ez-kit Lite along Audio extender card for our application. System Usage: Ø      We are giving digital input and playing back using analog o/p. Ø      The digital i/p is received using ADAV801 and played back using AD1938. Ø      The sysclk3 of ADAV801 is given as mclk for AD1938. Ø      The configuration of ADAV801 is attached. The format of configuration is ( regaddress<<1: data) Ø      PLL Control Register is configured as SYSCLK3 is the recovered S/PDIF clock from DIRIN and 512*fs as output for SYSCLK3. Issue:   When we are giving a sweep signal [200Hz to 20KHz] as input, the output is terminated at around 13Khz. Observation:   With our configuration, SYSCLK3 is coming as 12.288 MHz, but it supposed to come as 24.576 MHz. Can you please check our configuration registers and lets us know whether we are making any mistake? This is very urgent for our system development. With regards, Sunil