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Delay between Asynchronous memory writes/reads


I got a query regarding asynchronous memory writes. The problem description is given below

The following are the data regarding my system

Processor - BF527

CCLK = 122.88Mhz

SCLK = 12.288MHz (CCLK/SCLK =10)

I am using an SRAM on the asynchronous memory bank 3.

The EBIU_AMBCTL1 register is programmed with the following values

B3WAT = 0xF (Write access time - 15 cycles)

B3HT = 11(Hold time - 3 cycles)

B3ST = 11(Set up time - 3 cycles)


This means that the total SCLK required for a write is(15+3+3) =  21 SCLK or 210 CCLK


Can I perform two consecutive write operation with out any delay in the above case?

Should I give a delay of 210 CCLK in between two writes ?

Will the core waits to finish a write opeartion so that the two datas are written properly to SRAM?


Please kindly help......