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Configuring TWI for I2C on BF537 STAMP board


As part of an undergraduate mini-project we are required to build a robot which will use the BF537 as the central hub. From this we are required to use the I2C protocol to control two motors via a motor controller, which uses I2C to enter values into specific registers within that controller. The difficulty that i'm having at the moment is finding information on configuring the TWI on the blackfin to use I2C in the control process. I have sifted through a vast amount of information with regards to this protocol and have not really seen a clear way to do this. So, what I'd basically like to know is, what do I have to do to allow me to use I2C over the TWI? what code is required? what drivers do I need to get I2C up and running on the blackfin so I can send data to the motor controller registers?

ANY help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



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