How to use HTTP_Server in BF536?


How can I port the Web server example in the VisualDSP++ to my BF536 board? the example is originally port for BF537.

I have refered the EE-315 document to  change the PHY driver for my PHY chip;

then I open the Web server example project group  according to the document "LWIP User GUIDE". Changed the Target\Processor to ADSP-BF536 of the two project in the project grope.    As there are 16M SDRAM in my board, I set the Extended Memory value accordingly.

I also added a macro "__ADSPBF537__" in the Preprocessor definition to avoid compile error.

The project group can be compiled with no error. But it can't run correct  -after I build project(F7), it loaded to the RAM and RUNING automatically  - I have not press F5 key yet! and there's no message printed out.

Is there any thing wrong ?

thanks for any help.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 19, 2010 9:23 AM


    I reckon some issue with ldf across the platforms, though I do not know the exact reason for automatic-running (perhaps somone can explain that).

    To be on safer side, I'd regenerate the LDF for the particular part, and then add the project options as in the original code.

    - Prasanth.

  • Hi Danilliu,

    In addition to Prasanth's suggestion, I would recommend ensuring that the EBIU on your target is being configured correctly, as the LwIP applications make extensive use of SDRAM. This can be done by associating a Custom Board Support File with your session via 'Settings'->'Session'. You should modify the attached XML file to use the appropriate EBIU register values for your custom target.

    Once you have ensured the EBIU is correctly configured, if your target continues to just run the moment you load the DXE, disable "Run to main after load" under 'Settings'->'Preferences'->'General', and load the DXE. You should now be able to step through the startup code to determine where the project is going wrong.



  • Thanks for Prasanth   and Craig 's reply.

    It's too hard to log in the EZ in my place:(

    According to the sugesstion you gave, I checked my project and found  the problem : my emulator can't load the program to my SDRAM!

    After the program loadded, the data in the SDRAM are repeated messy code , so when the program running to these place, the  PC flied.

    I tryed sevreal EBIU setting, but have no use. I'm wondering that this problem is occured during emulator load the program to the RAM, so the EBUI setting in the program has not runing yet. But why my emulator can't write the program to the SDRAM, I'm working on it now.

  • Hi,

    for the EBIU configuration you might want to take a look at the calculator Andreas posted here:



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