No image??

Hi all,

My objective is to try read in 2 video inputs (1 from default AIN1 and 1 from AIN4/AIN5) and play with the images from the 2 video inputs.I am running the program example Video Input (C) for BF533 EZ LITE Kit, and i have successfully obtained 1 video input from the default AIN1. I added the I2C emulator to the project to enable video input to either AIN4/AIN5. The code in my main file to call the I2C is as follows:

unsigned char DeviceAddress = 0x40;  //0X40 (ADV7183A/B)
    unsigned short Reg3 = 0x0;
    unsigned short videoinput[] = {0x40};  // For video input AIN5
    unsigned int ErrorIdent;
    int i;

    ErrorIdent = I2C_Blocked_Write(false, false, DeviceAddress, Reg3,&videoinput[0] , 1);

However i wasnt able to obtain an image from AIN5 when running the code. Is there other configurations i need to consider in order to achieve this? Any help will be mostly appreciated.