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How to program ADSP-BF535 EZ KIT Lite using LabVIEW?


I am planning to do some audio processing using this DSP. I came to know that interfacing DSP's with LabVIEW is easy, I thought of trying it myself.

I have little experience with DSP's.

So, how do I proceed?

Thank you.

  • Hi,

    National Instruments provide examples and information on the ELVIS interface, used by some of our EZ-KIT Lites to provide easy connectivity between the KIT and LabView. However, this interface is not provided on the BF535 EZ-KIT Lite. It is available on the BF537 and BF538 EZ-KIT Lites.

    National Instruments also produce a product called 'LabVIEW Embedded Module for Analog Devices Blackfin Processors', which can be found online
    at the following location:

    The available modules include the VDSP-LABVIEW-EVAL and VDSP-LABVIEW-EMB. The difference between these modules is the evaluation module includes a 60 day fully featured evaluation platform whereas the embedded module includes a FULL development system.

    Additionally, you can find details of LabVIEW embedded here:

    Note, there is an Online Training Module called 'Introduction to NI Labview', available on our Training Modules page at the following location:

    Included with the Labview module is a BF537 EZ-KIT. However you can use the BF548, BF527 and BF561 EZ-KIT. Have a look at the following comparison table for more information:

    Note that all support for the LabView product is dealt with by National Instruments. You can access their technical support via the National Instruments website at:



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