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Issue in UART Transmission on BF548

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-BF548
Software Version: cces 2.12.0
    I want to transmit the data through UART in BF548. The UART_Tx  and UART_Rx are interfaced to PortH (PH0,PH1). I am using UART1 because PortH has UART1 interface. I am configuring the UART in baud rate of 9600 and sclk of 100MHz. After that I am transmitting string (Hello) but in TeraTerm it shows some junk value. I tried some other strings also but it comes like junk value only.
    I have attached the code snippet for your reference. Can you check the code once if there is any mistake I have done?
    If the code is correct means , What may be the issue?
I calculated the DLL, DLH value based on formula i.e. SCLK / (16 * Baud_Rate).
The below snapshot will be the Tera Term output window.
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