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Where Can I Find the Blackfin assembly code for Cordic Algorithm?

Some of ADI colleagues wrote an article "Speeding up the CORDIC algorithm with a DSP", e.g., appeared at

The authors took advantage that Blackfin DSP processor is equipped with dual MAC unitts to

speed up the CORDIC computation. From time to time, the authors have received requests

for assembly source code. Thinking that the assembly source might be of interest to some

of the Blackfin community, we post the code here.

The zipped is a complete testing package including asm and c source code, dpj file etc.

The comments in the testing file may not be entirely relevant since it was done a few years ago

and was not for the purpose of this EngineerZone discussion. However, as for as asm code is

concerned, it should be good. On simulator, the testing may take a few minutes due to the details

print out on screen.