Dual ADC Aquisition with PPI Interface

Hi There,

I am a student looking into implementing some algorithms I’ve developed into a DSP. This would need to run 1 or 2 ADCs with 10-16bit resolution and sampling as fast as possible (>10MSps). I am processing base-band signals. I’m new to this so please bear with my questions!

I’ve had a look around and the AD Blackfin DSPs seem to be the best way to implement such a system. I gather I could implement a 1ch prototype using the PPI interface and evaluation boards, for example:

ADZS-BF561-EZLITE         Blackfin Evaluation Board

ADZS-BF-EZEXT-1             EZ Extender Daughter Board

AD9244-65PCB                  65MSps  Evaluation Board for 14bit AD9244

Is there the opportunity to acquire 2 synchronous ADC channels? Are there any dual ADCs which provide interleaved data at twice the sample rate?  Alternatively, could it be possible to synchronize 2 adcs, each interfaced to a separate PPI on the dual core BF-561, using the evaluation boards.

Any advice would be much appreciated,



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