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Speech recognition

Analog Devices offer a "Hands Free Car Kit" (HFCK) and the following link shows the brochure for this product:

The document was copyrighted in 2005, but Analog Devices appear to know nothing about it and there is no reference to it on the AD list of reference designs or downloadable software. Specifically I am trying to locate a copy of the reference design (page 2 of the brochure) and in particular - the software.. Can aynone help?

  • The HFCK platform is an obsoleted platform that was co-developed between ADI and a 3rd party.  It is not supported by ADI, and the link that you found is an artifact that should have been removed from our site a long time ago.  Please accept our apologies for this.  In lieu of that, I do have a schematic for that board, as I worked with it back in 2004-05, which I am attaching here.  Again, please note that this was the current schematic as of late 2004 and is intended to serve as a reference design only (unsupported by Analog Devices).

    As to the speech recognition software, ADI does not own/support that.  However, I can provide you contact information for the 3rd party if you contact me via the private support channel at